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Measure Muscle Tissue Oxygen Saturation –
Noninvasively and Continuously
Founded in 1965, Hutchinson Technology (HTI) is an acknowledged world leader in precision design and manufacture of close-tolerance products that require chemical, mechanical, and electronic technologies.
In 1996, recognizing the need for precise, real-time measurement in healthcare monitoring, HTI assembled a team of experts in optical metrology, design, and manufacturing to form the Hutchinson Technology BioMeasurement Division. A Trauma Advisory Board was established to ensure the technology addresses real and unanswered medical needs.  

Our patented technology – the InSpectra™ StO2 Tissue Oxygenation Monitor – provides a reliable, continuous, and noninvasive measure of tissue oxygen saturation (StO2) for health care providers. (more)

Long term, HTI's BioMeasurement Division is committed to Advancing Better Therapies by applying its engineering and manufacturing expertise to address significant technological needs within the clinical health care community.

The InSpectra™ StO2 Tissue Oxygenation Monitor provides a direct, absolute measurement of hemoglobin oxygen saturation in tissue (StO2), providing trauma teams the ability to measure tissue oxygenation and monitor it during resuscitation. It is the only tissue oxygenation monitor designed for trauma environments. The InSpectra StO2 Tissue Oxygenation Monitor uses near infrared light to illuminate tissue, and then analyzes the returned light to produce a quantitative measurement of oxygen saturation in the tissue's microcirculation.

The StO2 Trauma Study researched the role that tissue oxygen saturation monitoring could play in hemorrhagic shock and resuscitation. Study results demonstrate that StO2 measurements less than 75% may indicate serious hypoperfusion in trauma patients and that StO2 functions as well as base deficit in indicating hypoperfusion in trauma patients.