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The InSpectra™ StO2 Spot Check is a noninvasive tool to quickly and cost-effectively identify patients at risk for circulatory distress.  Once identified to have low StO2, patients can then be continuously monitored with the InSpectra™ StO2 Tissue Oxygenation Monitor.  Used together, these two products help reduce the time to critical actions and help identify the endpoints of resuscitation.

InSpectraTM StO2 Spot Check

Quick assessment helps identify
at risk patients in seconds.

 Low StO2 is associated with high
 StO2 - guided resuscitation,
   improved outcomes, and reduced
   costs (i.e., less blood).3,4
 Low StO2 occured in 20–30% of
   critically ill patients having non-
   alarming vital signs.5,6


InSpectraTM StO2 Monitor

Continuous monitor tracks a
patient's response to interventions.      

 Assist in detecting and treating occult
   hypoperfusion and reduce time to
   critical actions.3
 Monitor response to vasopressors and
   inotropes dosing.7
 Help in reducing ICU days.8

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Typical Patients:

Blood Loss
Gastrointestinal bleed
Clinical signs confounded by:
Severe Infection
Early Sepsis
Critical Care Patients
Nonalarming clinical signs
Difficult to diagnose/treat
Heart dysfunction