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InSpectraTM StO2 Spot Check (model 300) 

The InSpectra StO2 Spot Check is a noninvasive tool to rapidly assess the tissue oxygenation of patients in circulatory distress.  The InSpectra StO2 Spot Check is targeted for use pre-hospital, and in emergency and critical care departments. 


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Features of the InSpectra StO2 Spot Check System

   Reusable, easily-cleaned InSpectra StO2 Thenar Clip (model 1315) can be easily positioned for measurements in seconds.
  InSpectra StO2 Cable (model 3003) features a push-button connection to the device.  Allows in-hospital replacement.

Measurements updated every two (2) seconds.  Provides a fast measurement to determine which patients require continuous monitoring. 

Indications for Use

The InSpectraTM StO2 Spot Check is intended for use as a non-invasive monitoring system that measures an approximated value of percent hemoglobin oxygen saturation in thenar skeletal muscle tissue (StO2).  The InSpectra StO2 Spot Check is indicated for use in monitoring patients during circulatory or perfusion examinations or when there is a suspicion of compromised circulation of thenar skeletal muscle.



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InSpectraTM StO2 Spot Check
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